Two Unusual but Exciting Rewards Program!

Click and Grow Rewards Program

We really love Click and Grow. Not only do we like their rewards program and their mission to empower people to sustainably grow their own food, but we also can not get enough of their products. Seriously, we know so many folks who have bought in the last year or so their modular smart garden product and a lot of them have also got it for a special gift!

Now that’s enough. Let’s explain what makes their rewards program so …rewarding!! One of the things we love about the Click and Grow program is the quality of its appearance. With pretty little icons for things like how to win and spend points, it makes the customer experience simple, smooth and fun to be part of the program and earn Plant Bucks.

But it’s not just about the program’s design though but most importantly it’s also incredibly rewarding for their clients, especially when you look at the part of the program devoted to recommendations. Friends who receive a recommendation get a 10% coupon while the shipper receives an incredibly generous $ 20 discount on their next order. With this type of value to win, it’s easy to convince their members to join with them in promoting sustainability and fresh foods. That’s what I call letting love grow!

Therefore, inviting others to join the community of local fresh food producers is extremely rewarding, facilitating the development of numerous sponsorship discounts.

With Click & Grow Smart Gardens, technology does all the work. Their intelligent soil formula creates near perfect conditions for plants to thrive well and healthy. It provides nutrients in a step-by-step process in line with the lifecycle of the plant, maintains a pH balanced soil, and uses tiny pockets of oxygen to keep plants breathless and nutrient-dense even when the soil is wet. Click & Grow plants are grown naturally, biomimicry being the main source of inspiration and innovation. Their technology is 100% free of GMOs and harmful substances.

We also like the idea of ​​being able to use fresh ingredients throughout the cold winter months. Click & Grow not only allows you to eat healthy, but we love the elegant design of their interior gardens that make it an ideal accent for any kitchen!

MyChelle’s Clean Beauty Rewards Club

If you are looking for skincare products, MyChelle should be your first place of interest, especially since they launched the Clean Beauty Club! As a member of their rewards program, you get both great products and great rewards which is the perfect combination!

Their program contains everything you would expect from a standard rewards program, but the special feature that makes their program outstanding is the incredible value that members simply get for deciding to sign up.

New members receive not only a 500-point welcome point bonus, but they can also earn 1,000 additional points simply by subscribing to their newsletter. This is $ 15 off the points reserved for newsletter registration!

While testing a new beauty brand can be a risky gamble, early rewards like these reduce the barrier to entry for buyers who need a little more encouragement to make the jump and have faith in a product that will improve their skin.