How to Use Your Voice to Make a Living

In recent years, the working world has changed. No longer do we have to work in cubicles in a plain office to make ends meet, and the trend has led to careers such as voiceovers. Of course, this sounds like the work of actors and celebrities…but the niche has opened up considerably. Today, we want to talk about how you could utilize your voice and make a living from doing voiceovers; the industry just may be more accessible than you think.

How to Get Started

One of the reasons why the voiceover career has received attention in recent years is because many are now making money from the comfort of their own home. As long as you’re happy to invest in some equipment, so you can provide a high-quality service, it’s now entirely possible to make a career in voiceovers without an initial contact in the industry, without an agent, and without lots of embarrassing auditions.

Just in case you needed inspiration, the actresses Amanda Bynes and Meg Ryan got into voiceovers having no experience as actors. If they got their foot in the door during the ‘hard’ days, why can’t you do it with all the brilliant tools and resources available on the internet?


If you’re going to dip your toes into any career, you need to research and VOGenesis is a fantastic starting point because you’ll learn all about the industry, how it works, and how to enter the market. Furthermore, we love VOGenesis because it focuses on starting a business from home and competing with voice artists who have more experience. Even if you don’t know the basics, like looking after your voice, all the training is included.

Rather than leading a nine-to-five job and not enjoying life, this platform wants you to build a successful voice artist brand and become a desirable target for all companies in the industry. As you start to get more gigs, the training switches its attention to scaling the business, increasing prices, and taking advantage of the hype around your service. With any service-based business, one of the biggest problems we have is deciding how much money to charge. In truth, it’s a difficult balance between making enough to eat and not being laughed at by other professionals. Fortunately, VOGenesis has experience in this area.

In addition to pricing, users of VOGenesis will also learn how to advertise the service successfully. Again, this can be a difficult task because you don’t want to come across as unprofessional but you still need to get your name circulating to generate some interest.

If you have a dream to use your voice to earn a living, 2019 is the perfect environment to do so and VOGenesis will help as much as possible. In our opinion, it’s the best resource for this niche and we urge you to take a look today. Rather than going it alone, you’ll have experienced advice from people who have been in your position and know what it takes to succeed!

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