How much can you earn from Bing Rewards?

Bing offers two options for credit redemption; Shop or Win.

However, at the moment, the choice to filter options for rewards is not possible. While you can select either Win or Shop, you still cannot filter them out by retailer, item, price or any other sorting options. The program currently offers 41 rewards in the Shop section. Although, this figure may increase soon, and so would the filter options too.

As you would expect, most of the Bing rewards are primarily for Microsoft products or products with a close tie to the company. Such items include discounts on Microsoft and Bing clothing, Microsoft Store credits, discounts on subscription to premium Microsoft Outlook, subscriptions to Microsoft OneDrive, gift cards, Xbox memberships, and Skype credits.

Also, below are some of the Bing rewards that you can currently exchange for credits:

  • Point/miles for hotel and airline loyalty programs
  • Shutterfly photobooks and prints
  • Gift cards from Burger King, Applebee’s, Amazon, iTunes, Starbucks, IHOP, Domino’s Pizza, Sephora and a host of other companies.

Every available item in the Bing Rewards Shop is linked to a product page that contains an image, description, and the equivalent of the price in points.

Here, both regular, Silver, and Gold members can see the equivalent value in points that is required to redeem a reward.

For instance, a $5 Burger King eGift card costs around 525 credits. Bear in mind that 525 credits will take you almost a thousand searches to accumulate, spread across two months (the maximum amount of credits you can earn daily is 15, and you get even less if you search from a mobile device). So, is a $5 Gift card even worth all that time and hassle?

Generally, if you are banking on just Bing Search to earn reward points, you probably aren’t going to see any value in the program. Have you ever heard of special offers? Daily, there are special deals and offers on display, and as long as you check in regularly to complete them, you can rack up the points in no time.

Also, Bing encourages users that have no real interest in the rewards to donate their credit to a worthy cause of their choosing.

Bing Rewards prize packs

There are 8 Bing Rewards sweepstakes currently available, along with 4 prize packs. Each of the 8 sweepstakes options comes with two separate point level options; so, you may decide to redeem 40 credits – 35 if you are a Gold member – for 10 Microsoft Band sweepstakes entries, or 20 credits – 15 for Gold Members – for 1 entry.

Three $500 Nordstrom’s gift cards, Microsoft Band, Halo; Spartan Strike for Windows and three Assassin’s Creed Xbox One prize packs are all up for grabs in this reward program.

Are Bing Rewards worth the hassle?

Bing has actually made it easy to earn points from their reward program – regardless of whether you surf on your mobile device or computer. Earning credits is easy and takes zero effort. However, if you hope to accumulate credits just from Bing searches, without taking advantage of special offers and promotions, then it would take you many months if not years to get any tangible reward. So, it pays to look out for those special daily offers and rewards.

How do I become eligible for Bing Rewards?

Previously, you could sign into Bing with your Facebook account, but that option is no longer available – in fact, its been unavailable since February 15, 2015. Currently, you need an actual Microsoft account to sign up for Bing. So, once you are logged in, navigate to Bing Rewards to start racking in credits. Keep in mind that this offer is currently only open to U.S residents. Besides, credits cannot be redeemed aboard (A Proxy server is a way around this problem, please don’t ask how).

Furthermore, Bing would first need to verify your phone number before you can redeem credits. Sadly, VOIP numbers aren’t eligible.

Why am I not earning any credits, despite having searched multiple times?

For starters, check if you are still signed in. Also, you may have reached your reward limit for the day. If you haven’t exceeded your limit and aren’t using any in-Private browsing, then contact the Bing support for help.

Who can use Bing Rewards?

All American residents over the age of 13, and have a Microsoft account, can enjoy Bing rewards. However, each person is entitled to only a single account which has to be registered in their real full names, their correct mailing address, as well as a valid email address and phone number.

Start Enjoying Bing Rewards today

Well, it wouldn’t cost you anything to give Bing rewards a try. First, check out all the current rewards, and if any of them piques your interest, set a target to accumulate enough credits to redeem it. You can see how long each reward would take you by using the goal button on every reward page

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