G2 Crowd: Earn Gift Cards for Your Opinions

Every year, businesses around the world are looking for the opinions of customers so they can improve their own service and increase their market share. This time, we’re looking at the business software industry where brands are so desperate for opinions/reviews that they’re paying people in gift cards.

While a general software review could earn you a $10 card for Amazon or Starbucks, the more niche programs could exceed $25. Although G2 Crowd only pays in Amazon and Starbucks vouchers, there are some fantastic platforms out there that’ll allow you to trade these for gift cards belonging to other stores/websites.

Getting Started

If you choose G2 Crowd, the first thing you’ll notice is that it’s all fairly self-explanatory. After following a link for a gift card, you’ll be able to choose from a list of apps/software you want to review. From here, answer some simple questions and provide your feedback.

NOTE: At this point, we should note that you’ll need to be honest; this means testing the software and showing a screenshot as proof. By doing this, the verification process will be much quicker and you’ll find it easier to get paid.

When using different software, most will only require a login with a LinkedIn, Google, or even a Facebook account. If you set up a dedicated Gmail account, you’ll have an avatar and email address showing in the screenshot and this will serve as proof that you actually tested the software (this is important!).

Unfortunately, G2 Crowd is likely to reject your review if no proof is provided because they don’t want people providing fake reviews just to earn some gift cards.

Reviewing Process

With an email address, promotion links for Amazon/Starbucks, a relevant screenshot, and a few minutes to answer the questions, you’ll be ready to go. If you don’t have a professional business email address, we recommend sprucing up your LinkedIn page.

NOTE: Any reviews you provide won’t qualify for gift cards if you don’t have the right promotional links.

For the first five reviews you provide (with verifiable screenshots), you’ll be paid. From here, any reviews you send will earn points and various other bonuses.

G2 Crowd: Worth Your Consideration?

Founded in 2012, G2 Crowd is now a popular software review platform and it has a strong foundation after being set up by five ex-employees of BigMachines. For those of you unaware, this is a customer relationship management software company. In the years since the launch, some valuations of the brand have reached $500 million (it’s fair to say they’ve enjoyed success in a very short space of time!).

Is the service legitimate? Of course, we wouldn’t provide you with anything that wasn’t. In our experience, we earned $50 within the first day and the gift cards take around 48 hours to reach you. However, many users are lucky enough to receive them much sooner. For an honest and impartial review, you could earn a couple of coffees or money to spend on the internet’s largest marketplace!