Free gift cards with Swagbucks the easy way!

There are many many ways to earn Swagbucks! This is the just the way I do it.


Swagbucks has 2 daily goals for you to meet on their homepage. The first goal entitles you to their winning streak bonus. Its worth 300sb if you meet the 1st daily goal every day of the month. You always get the goal bonus for meeting the first or second goal regardless of how many days you have had a winning streak. You can click on the winning streak button below the daily bonus box to see what your completion record has been. The winning streak bonus and daily goal bonus’ are paid out around the 6th day of the next month.

Mobile Apps

My number one way of earning swagbucks is with their mobile apps. There are currently 5 apps for Android and 3 apps for iOs. Go here for all the links for both android and ios. Note: the apps will only work on phones not tablets. You could buy a cheap Android phone or use an old one you might have laying around.

After installing each app you will need to sign into the app and favorite the shortest video/ videos. This is very important! This will cut your earning time down significantly. Go here for a list of the shortest videos on each app. To favorite the video just put your finger on the video listed and hold it and slide it to the left and a heart will appear. Then go back to the settings in the app and choose favorites. Then push on the first video in your favorite list to start the app playing. Note: Sometimes ads will freeze or give an error message. I prop my android phone up so I can see it while the apps are playing so if it does this I can hit the back arrow button to get the app playing again. I can make over $1 each day just for running apps….love this!!


The other way I earn swagbucks is by watching video tasks on swagbucks website. Look for these videos to watch:


Ngage, otherwise known as computer girl. It has an image of a girl looking at a monitor. You will earn 2sb for every one watched. The number of times you can watch them varies each day.

Jungroup, otherwise known as laptop guy. It has an image of a man looking at a laptop. You will ear 2sb fore every one watched. These might not appear every day.

Girl smiling in a group. These are quick and usually pay 2sb. Keep checking for them throughout the day because you usually can do them multiple times. These do not appear every day.


Go here to Swagbucks Encrave page. Once you do a few of these more will appear. My favorites are:

Girl with the blue water bottle, autoruns – 4sb

Sports, autoruns, fairly quick – 2sb

You might need to experiment with a bunch of these to see which one you like that credit a nice amount of sb. The active ones seem to change a lot.

Swagbucks Videos

When I have exhausted all other ways to earn above or just want to add to my daily total I play the Swagbucks Videos.

The best way I have found to watch them is through the Swagbucks extension, found here. Its only available for the Chrome browser. Once you have installed the extension you can pop out the extension and play the videos. They seem to play much better than on the Swagbucks site. You earn 3sb for every 10 video watched.

You can also watch the videos on the Swagbucks site under the Watch menu option here.

Play Games

I do these when I feel like it or am short on my daily goal, or do them every day, its a great way to earn 10sb! Go to the Play menu item or click here. You earn 2sb for every other game you play up to 10sb. Some of my favorites are:

  • Falling Leaves
  • Solitaire
  • Swag Jump

Discover/Special Offers

Another great way to earn swagbucks! I don’t usually do these but they are a great way to earn extra swagbucks. Just go to thru the the special offers looking for videos to watch for 1 to 2sb. Great if you are short on your daily goal and need something to meet it!

Swagbucks Facebook page

Checkout the Swagbucks Facebook page for more great info on offers crediting and phrases to search for. Its very active and there are a lot of great people on there!

Swagbucks codes

Swagbucks usually has a code each day for anywhere from 2sb to higher. They also have Swagcode Extravaganzas that you can earn a high amount of swagbucks from swagcodes. I don’t usually bother with these because they are such low amounts of swagbucks.

Well that’s it! That’s all I do each day to earn $60 plus per month with Swagbucks! I hope this guide helps! Have fun earning with Swagbucks!