Collecting Over $2,000 from 8 Reward Companies Made Easy

Did you know that companies give away free vouchers, gift cards, and money every single year in an attempt to boost their profile and make a name in their respective industries? If you didn’t, you’re about to learn all about it because we have a complete guide today.

Below, we’ve listed eight companies that’ll pay you a healthy chunk of money whether for downloading an app, clicking a few buttons, or answering some trivia questions!

Play Trivia

Do you know the capital of Austria? Do you know the tallest mountain in the world? Could you tell us the largest country, in terms of population, in the world? If you’re somebody who holds onto facts like this and can regurgitate them at ease, we could have a great way for you to earn money.

With this new trivia app, you can win prizes for answering questions just like the ones above (and therefore pocket yourself a good sum of money!). Each day, the app has prizes up for grabs and one of the biggest advantages we’ve found is that it pays in cash. If you want to get started, the app is called Swag IQ (finally, an audience for the fountain of knowledge you’ve built over the years!).

Complete Surveys

This is one we’ve all heard before, right? However, we’re not promising that surveys will change your life; we recognize the limitations. For us, they’re still worth the effort though because they’re simple, don’t take much time, and will pay for a takeaway every so often. In our experience, Survey Junkie is the very best website to try and we’ll tell you why.

Not only is the platform free, but it offers more than just surveys. For many, they make their money through trying new products and taking part in certain focus groups. Either way, all earnings are paid via PayPal and it’s a nice boost to your bank account!


Often, we forget that saving money can be as good as earning it – something we learned with the app Trim. After linking your own bank accounts, it offers suggestions to save money. For example, it might recommend cancelling subscriptions or offer advice on reducing bills. Considering the app is free, the feature to assess spending habits is a clever one (and one that could give you a shock!).

Depending on your monthly spend, we believe you could easily save yourself $100 over the next few weeks. While this isn’t life-changing, you’ll have an extra $100 in your account to save for a rainy day.

Watch Videos

If you already watch videos and you don’t mind completing a survey a two, why not try InboxDollars? For most users, they spend around ten minutes on the platform each day and they can earn around $50 per month. If you’re cooking dinner, waiting for an appointment, or sitting on the bus, you can utilize these minutes to earn money.

Scan Grocery Receipts

Next, we’re going to recommend iBotta and this is for many reasons. Available for both Android and iOS devices, this is somewhat of a secret app (we’re sharing the secret today) that can earn you up to $5 back on your grocery receipts.

However, away from this, there are other ways to make money too. For example, you’ll be credited with $100 after inviting three friends to the platform. If you’ve a whole group looking to earn money through iBotta, every invitation after this will earn an additional $10.

Elsewhere, they also have a partnership with Uber which means you can get money back for each ride you take. If you were going to take the ride anyway, you might as well make money from it.

If you download the app to your device now, your account will be boosted with a $10 bonus (and vouchers for Uber!).

Download an App

Ready for the easiest way to make money yet? With Nielsen, all you need to do is download the app to your device…and then earn passive income. Essentially, the app will learn from your internet behavior for marketing purposes. As long as you don’t mind this, the legitimate platform will pay you for the privilege.

Cashback for Shopping

Every year, the number of people shopping online increases which means that more services are looking to reward you for this habit. For example, we want to focus on Ebates since they deposit cash back into your PayPal account after shopping online. Why not earn as you shop? As an added bonus (quite literally!), you’ll receive $10 when you sign up too.

Scan Past Purchases

Have you ever purchased something only to discover that it went on special offer shortly after? In most cases, we wait for a week or two just in case a sale was around the corner. Then, as soon as we spend money, the store decides it’s the right time to offer a discount. If you want to prevent losing this money, Paribus will search your emails for receipts and then compare the price you paid to its current price. If it has reduced since, you could be in for a refund of the difference.

This is the app for which we’ve all been waiting. Even if you’re unaware of the new reduced price, you can still receive the difference back without doing a thing (other than downloading the app, of course!). Oh, we forgot to mention, Paribus is free too.

Final word

While these tips can be nice little earners alone, this guide becomes really powerful when you combine them. With very little effort, you could earn hundreds (or even thousands!) in the months ahead!